​​Cocktail Mixes   (non alch.)

Original Lime Margarita

Strawberry     Margarita

Mango               Margarita

Watermelon  Margarita

Frozen  Vodka  Cran

Strawberry       Daiquiri

Hurricane  (Tropical)

Blue  Hawaiian

Pina Colada


Coke (Rum n Coke, Jack n Coke)


Our  RAD  "Private Label"  Mixes

Frozen Drink Machine

​RAD Margarita Man

Machines & Bartenders

​$20.99 each.

**All mixes are non alcoholic, so drinks can be made with or without alcohol**   

**All mixes are concentrates & do require you to add water** 

You can purchase RAD mix for $20.99 per batch, we will ship anywhere. (15% discount on full cases, [6 per case] and you are allowed to mix/match.)



Blue Raspberry

Frozen Lemonade

Pink Lemonade




Sour Apple


Frozen Coffee/Cappuccino

Mocha Cappuccino

White Chocolate Mocha

French Vanilla Latte

Caramel Macchiato


How many drinks do I get out of a batch?........(RAD mix is a private label made exclusively for us, using only the finest ingredients. )

Cocktail  mixes yield 2.5-3.5 gallons once you add the alcohol.  That is @ 50, 9-oz drinks per batch.  RAD mixes are a VERY low 'water to mix' ratio (3:1), which makes the flavors the best available.  Our most Popular is our Original Lime Margarita, (5:1), which yields @ 60, 9-oz drinks per batch. The Frozen Vodka Cran or Rum n' Coke/Jack n' Coke (4:1), yields @ 50, 9-oz drinks per batch.    

Smoothies are a very high quality, 40% real fruit, based mix, and yield @ 22, 9-oz drinks per batch,

Slushies yield @ 80, 9-oz drinks, per batch.   

Coffe/Frozen cappuccinos mixes have real coffee and yield @ 40, 9-oz drinks per batch.

Most of our competitors use a higher ratio mix such as 5:1 or 6:1 which will yield 50-70 drinks per batch.  Just remember, the lower the ratio, the more real fruit and flavor in the mix, and the better the taste  (like RAD's)!...I've been asked about the mix on a store shelf.  Will they work?  They are a pre-made, ready to use mix and you would need 5-8 bottles to yield the same as RAD's, (spending more money) and the taste is not at all comparable (very watered down), with little or no fruit.     We can only guarantee RAD mix to freeze in RAD machines.

Real  Fruit  Smoothies

Strawberry Bomb


Wild Berry Berry

Carribean Colada     

Mango Mania

Extreme Peach