We do not charge an additional "delivery fee" to deliver and setup any of the items above

$1.25...Plastic Folding

Chair (White)


Generator, ​Incl Gas



(same price for any other 2-3 days)

​​$8.50.....6 ft. Table (white or grey)

$25...10 ft EZ-Up

​Pop Up Tent

*3-bowl machine requires dedicated 15A electricity & will accommodate (keep up) with @135 total guests (not total drinkers).

   Margarita Machine Rentals Include:  

  • 1 FREE mix
  • Salt/Rimmer for Margarita
  • 40  (9-oz.) clear plastic cups
  • Mixing Buckets
  • ​Delivery & Pick Up*  (due to our vast coverage area, some areas are charged a minimal charge to cover the gas only)



(same price for any other 2-3 days)

*2-bowl machine requires dedicated 12A electricity & will accommodate (keep up) with @75 total guests (not total drinkers).

Rad Margarita Machines & Bartender Services Margarita Machine Rental

​​RAD Margarita Machines & Bartender Services


Plastic Tub


(All rentals are delivered on FRIDAY, and picked up on MONDAY. unless otherwise noted on invoice, *Some holidays excluded)

(Mid-Week rentals avail at same price)

$1.10...Plastic Folding

Chair (Brown)